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10 Stylish Long Hairstyles From The 60’s

10 Stylish Long Hairstyles From The 60’s

November 2, 2017

Are you ready to take a little trip down the memory lane? Whether you are a fan of history or are just looking for the perfect retro hairdo, we’ve scouted the best ’60s-inspired looks that are easy to create and add the wow-factor in just a few steps. Would you like to check them out? Read on!

60’s Hairstyles For Long Hair – Top 10:

1. Scarf-Tied Updo:

When it comes to fancier occasions, up’dos can be perfect options! But if you’re looking for something that’s extremely elegant and different than the rest, consider Rihanna’s funky scarf-tied Updo, inspired by “Rosie The Riveter” — the rockabilly. Tie a thin scarf around a top knot or messy bun, and you get a perfect ‘do for the busy women on the go, or a fun touch for brunch with the girls.

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2. Beehive:



Image: Getty

Created by Illinois stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt in 1960, over the years the beehive has seen a huge resurgence and is a symbol of retro kitsch today. Actress Penelope Cruz looks smoking hot with her locks done up in a big beehive hairstyle. We love how Cruz’s left bangs fall loose to frame her face, creating a softer and less harsh outline of her face. Use anti-frizz and pin your hair tightly to prevent flyaway hairs!

3. Hippie Hair:

They are messy, frizzy, totally laid back, but they are chic, fun, and we absolutely love them. The hairstyle was first seen on Joan Baez with centre-parted, long, natural hairstyle – almost half a decade before it caught on. One can simply wear a strip of lace or satin to achieve this look.

4. Ponytail:

If you’re in a rush and don’t feel like messing with your ponytail, but still want to look ridiculously glam, then you definitely need to consider Poppy Delevigne look. Inspired by Catherine Deneuve, this 60s style is simple and elegant. For the ‘do pull back your hair into a high ponytail and backcomb the back of your hair on the crow for the height, and voilà – you have it!

5. Half Up Half Down:

Half Up Half Down


Image: Getty

Get in touch with your inner Brigitte Bardot with this ‘half up half down’. This timeless half-updo is a perfect example of sexy and playful, and luckily for us, it’s one of the easiest DIY retro look too. Take a piece of hair up high to create plenty of volume before clipping up the half up-do.

6. Pulled Back Bouffant:

Pulled Back Bouffant


Image: Getty

No 60s round-up would be complete without Jean Shrimpton’s famous bouffant. This style gives off a flirty, feminine vibe that looks absolutely perfect! To achieve this gorgeous style, start by backcombing your hair across your crown. Then, pull back the front bang area and pin it in place with pins. Finish the look with a strong-hold hairspray.

7. Poker Straight Hair:

Poker Straight Hair


Image: Getty

It really doesn’t get any simpler, does it? Inspired by Singer Cher’s 60s long hairstyle, Ashley Greene looks stunning with her poker-straight hair. The long locks work well with thin, straight hair, although you can use hair straightening tools to tame your hair if it’s wavy or curly.

8. Victory Rolls:

Victory Rolls


Image: Getty

Want a ’60s-inspired style for shoulder-length hair’? Look no further than Dita Von Teese. Quite versatile as they can be performed on medium and long hair, the hairstyle is suitable for the fanciest of all occasions. Use a curling wand and heat styling protection spray for the perfect, long-lasting curls.

9. Pin Curls:

Pin Curls


Image: Getty

There is a reason Marilyn Monroe is an icon amongst the ages. Besides her sex appeal, the diva’s signature style became the basis of what we regard as glamour and stardom to this day. A perfect hairstyle for a big night out, the dreamy, voluminous curls look great on every face shape. Give your hair a seductive makeover with the romantic curls – and if you’re daring enough, try on this platinum blonde that shouts – attention!

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10. French Twist With Beehive:

French Twist With Beehive


Image: Getty

Here comes one of the most elegant 60s long hairstyles. Ah, the beloved French twist. The world-famous British fashionista’s style was unabashedly sexy. She made elegant, piled-high up-dos the hair of choice, and every girl wanted a piece of her signature confidence. To recreate this, all you need is a rat tail comb to twist the ponytails ends to the side and tucked under, a few bobby pins to secure it into place and tease the crown to make an updo-beehive combination.

Try out these classic 60’s hairstyles for long hair and mesmerize your peers! And do tell us how you liked the post! There is a comment box below.

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