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26 Pretty Peach Hair Color Ideas: How To Dye Your Hair Peach

Peach hair is one new decidedly unique trend that can be a rather unusual beauty change for you. Peach hair colors might not look natural, but as anime characters have been pointing out to us for a while, natural is quite unnecessary when something looks as appealing as fun hair colors on one’s head.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas: How To Dye Your Hair Peach

A softer and more relaxed form of the lavenders and the blues and greens that we have been seeing for a while now, peach hair colors might just be what those of us with a smaller dose of wild character could opt for.

Peach hairstyles were seen all around in 2016 as well, while there are articles about doing it yourself at home from 2013. It is a lovely pastel hair color that we can certainly enjoy, particularly if it comes in a rose gold appeal such as Sienna Miller’s ‘do a few years back.

How to Dye Your Hair Peach

Before dyeing your hair peach, it’s important to choose the right peach hair color based on your skin tone. Those with fair skin and light hair tones can give their preference to light or medium peach hair shades, while in case you like a brighter, carrot-like peach coloring, choose a dye that has more orange tint to it than pink.

The darker your skin tone and natural hair color are, the darker peach hair colors you should opt for. Thus, those with olive skin tones can pick a darker peach dye, applied to the roots and beautifully fading to a pastel salmon hue for a lovely ombre effect.

A vibrant, eye-popping peach hair color is the best bet for those with dark skin tones. To achieve the color, you can mix coral and strawberry dyes, which will give you a bright orangey-pink peach shade.

To dye your hair peach, there are a few things you can do. You will not necessarily need to bleach it white as you would with some other hair colors, but it will need to be a more yellowish or orange tone to get it right. If you do require a bleach process though, always look to a professional.

Using a pink dye you love, and definitely opting for a quality product, add it on top of the blonde you have to create the perfect peach hair. Peach hair dye is hard to find in general so this combination of mixing yellow/ orange with pinks is a good way of achieving what you need.

If you are going to dye your hair a peach color without bleaching, you should keep in mind that the peach hair shade you get will strongly depend on the base color you have. Those with jet-black hair should expect a peach hair color, leaning more towards a dark orange shade, while light blonde is the perfect base color to achieve that pretty pastel peach hair coloring easily.

It’s also a good idea to combine the peach hair dye you choose with some touches of pink, apricot or rose to achieve that lovely hand-painted effect that also gives you a unique peach hair color, which is hard to replicate.

Last but not least, if you don’t want to cause harm to your hair, but at the same time want to experiment with peach hair colors, go for a temporary dye or peach hair chalks, which will also give you the opportunity to easily switch back to your natural color whenever you want.

How to Dye Your Hair Peach


How to Maintain Your Peach Hair Color

Yep, even a mermaid would be proud of your peach hair now, but you will need to make sure to maintain your peach hair color. Tips for that?

• Always use a shampoo made for colored hair, ensuring that it is not too harsh. Low sulphates or no sulphates in general are your best bet. A gold-based shampoo is the best alternative for those with peach hair, just like purple shampoo is for blondes.

• Try not to wash your peach hair more than twice a week as that will strip your now porous hair of its natural oils and speed up the fading process. And when you wash your hair, try to wash it with cold water, which seals the hair cuticle, preventing the color from rinsing out.

• Hair treatment once a week is a must to maintain its health and keep the parched strands from losing elasticity and shine.

• Avoid blow-drying unless it is an absolute necessity and keep from heat styling in general to optimize your peach hair’s condition. Whenever you style your hair, make sure to use color-protecting styling products and a heat protectant, which is a good idea to apply also every time you have to spend much time in the sun.

• Avoid the use of hair ties with metal joints, instead opting for some lovely velvet elastic bands, something that makes for a great investment no matter if you dye your hair or not at the moment.

Makeup Tips for Peach Hair Colors

While you can always dare and try new makeup looks to see which one flatters your new hair color best, there are a few makeup tips for peach hair that you might love to consider!

• Keep your eyebrows in a lighter color, like blonde or taupe to make your brows blend in with your pastel peach hair color and to look more natural.

• When it comes to the best eyeshadow colors for peach hair, stick to universally flattering shades, such as copper, gold or brown. However, on the days when you want your eyes to stand out more, you can try contrasting eyeshadow color, like blue, green or purple.

• The same refers to the choice of your lipstick color – soft, nude lipstick shades will complement your peach hair color, while bright red will create a shocking contrast.

Makeup Tips for Peach Hair Colors


Peach Hair Color Ideas

There are many ways to get the right peach hair color that suits you. There are thousands of images of peach hair all around, particularly on Pinterest and Instagram, but we have compiled a list of 26 peach hair color ideas that we think really let the beauty of peach hair shine through. Which one will you choose?

1. Peachy Waves

A side part, shoulder length cut and incredibly beautiful pinkish peach hair to contrast with dark brows and lashes is exactly what the beautician ordered. Literally!

Go with the soft color that is more pale pink than peach and it gives a very lady-like appearance that is bound to attract attention in the most positive manner from all around you. A lovely pink color to your lids and lips will only enhance the effect of healthy pinkish peach hair coming down in waves.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


2. Rose to Peach Hair

This is a gorgeous peach hair color idea that plays on a peachy blonde from a rose base, the center is parted and the ends beautifully curled. The root hair is lightened with a rose color that melts into a peach hair dye that is diluted at the ends and presents quite a bit of the golden base. It is breathtaking to behold and perfect to wear out to a special occasion.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


3. Golden Rose Peach Hair

There is peach hair and then there is rose peach hair. This particular peach hairstyle is more of a gold with pink combination for a rosy effect that waves down the shoulders. It is very much like anime mermaid hair and is more of a ‘love it or hate it’ hue combination. While blended, the rose and the gold are also seen separately. It is pretty to behold but more on the youthful side.

4. Highlighted Peach Hair

It is a darker root to faded edge peach hair color idea we are seeing here and it holds all the edginess one would consider from a pinker trend. We do see strands of pink as well, of course, but absolutely love the peach finish. Light waves to an otherwise straight shoulder length cut, the messy ‘do appears as bed hair… rather perfect bed hair at that.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


5. Peachy Rose Hair Dye

Smaller features call for a lovely long bob, preferably angles and side-swept. This peach hair color has a vibrant rose to peach effect, with darker roots and very light ends that have been straightened outwards. The color is as appealing as the styling of the peach hair and this would be just perfect to wear to a spring wedding, destination or not.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


6. Peach Ombre Hair

You can opt for a classic wavy ends grown out look that starts with your naturally dark color and ends in a golden peach hue. Shoulder-length and beautiful, the bronzed effects of this peach hairstyle are certainly lovely to behold. It has that slightly lazy, I-am-the-icon-of-fashion feel to it.

7. Blonde Blend Peach

Known simply as peach envy, this positively perfect peach hair color revels in a blonde peach effect that is both warm and inviting. The warmer tones are just right for the spring and summer ahead of us, while the effects of this long and wavy look combined with aqua eye makeup make for quite the jealous mermaid.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


8. Blushing Peach Hair

Peach blonde and blush pinks combine for a rather rad effect. We are enjoying the pink roots that fade into a blonde, but end in a peach, creating an effect that points towards intriguingly placed extensions. A definite style to try out and using blush peach combination extensions with your warmer hair colors is a must.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


9. Peach Sorbet Hair

Notice how your sorbet is multi-colored around the peach? There is yellow, pink and peach together. That is what we see here on this incredibly healthy long peach hair left to fall down the back in waves.

You can think of it as a sultry sorbet and that is exactly what it has been called by the owner of the photo. It looks as if pink and yellow combine through highlights, creating a rather unicorn-worthy head of tresses.

10. Peaches and Cream

Perfect for the summer, the gently braided peach tresses seen here feature a rose gold creation that looks like candy in peaches and cream coloring. It works well for the fall as well, but the warmth really screams spring to us. Blonde roots with peach highlights generally end in a peach wave, perfecting a sugary sweet concoction.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


11. Golden Princess

For a peach hair color that is more on the gold spectrum, shoulder-length straight cuts in gentle waves sound like a great idea, especially when strands are woven to give it a half-up and half-down effect. The color is a creative one and beautifully warm, reminiscent of golden sunsets. Definitely a look to try if you are into the golden blonde with hints of peach!

12. Peach Balayage

Peach intensity over a golden color on hair that is wind-swept and side-swept in one fell swoop sounds like a teenager’s dream. Really, it is a very young look but one that is flexible enough to be pulled off by more mature women as well if they are going for the short cut straightened bobs.

For the younger generations though, pairing peach balayage hair with thick brows and some rebellious accessories makes for an interesting look.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


13. Peach Blonde Hair

Angled shoulder-length bobs, voluminous hair, gentle waves and a peach effect to the lighter blonde hair color combine for a rather attractive finale, certain to make anyone look years younger. Balayage babylights are used where an overtone of pastel peach hair color is added to a golden blonde number. It appears mostly natural with a hint of pink.

14. Peach Autumn Rose

A warm but darker tone, this voluminous messy cut with its rosy peach and coppery gold look is perfect for the more laid-back, down to earth individual who enjoys a glass of rose as much as a bottle of beer. It is for the country bumpkin as well as the city lady and brings to mind warms nights around a campfire at a cottage by the lake. Definitely a homey appeal!

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


15. Peach Pink Hair Highlights

Balayage is gorgeous on a bad day, and when you add a touch of peach and pink to the mix, you get this incredibly lovely ombre special, complete with past shoulder-length layers and gentle waves. It will brighten up your day and dare you to try something new, pushing boundaries while remaining innocently beautiful. Peach, pink and blonde mix very well together.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


16. Blushing Peach Hair

Voluminous hair. Long thick bangs. Dimensional tresses. Balayage coloring. Pink, peach and golden combinations. Yes, this is definitely for you if the above tick your boxes for the best hairdo.

Hair that is chest-length really benefits from the thick waves seen here, and the magical effect of the peach hair tones, starting from a darker blush at the roots and ending in a golden peach towards the ends, is just what the hairdresser ordered.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


17. Peach Sunset Hair

We love peach hair colors in general, and when that comes in a very sunset colored, very harmonious waves that end in a straight cut below the shoulders, we cannot help but fall in love all over again. Darker roots and a warmer shade along the crown give way to lighter pastels towards the end, combining copper and pink and shades of golden blonde throughout.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


18. Bright Peach Hair

Peach and blonde in a warm, light color are absolutely gorgeous to look at and even more interesting to create. Though, according to the one snapping the photo, it took 6 hours to create! Time well spent we would say though, as this is a prime hairdo, with the darkness of the roots slightly shown and the ends lovingly curled.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas

19. Peach Lob

Positively glamorous and beautifully burnt gold with copper, peach and pink, the rose gold hair in a lovely neck-length cut makes for a stunning peachy lob. Gentle waves throughout add to the appeal, while the warmer tones are reminiscent of perfect autumn days. For an everyday ‘do, this is beyond lovely.

20. Peachy Pixie

Love the pixie cut or short bob, complete with curly effects that catch the sunlight? This is a look you can certainly enjoy, showing major passion for peach hair. It is a slightly messier cut with a rose, peach and golden combination. Much easier to maintain than those long tresses already seen on this list as well!

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


21. Summer Peach Hair

You want mermaid peach hair that is summer perfect and still makes you look like a geeky rebellious teenager? Yes, geeky and rebellious were used together. Here is that pinky peach hair color that uses an orange base and gives a very warm final effect, side parted and falling over the shoulders to the waist. There is something almost natural about this mermaid hue and you can enjoy it unashamedly throughout the coming months.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


22. Rockin’ Peach

A short bob in a coral peach hair color is a rather interesting addition to aubergine lipstick and very strongly lined eyes. With makeup done to perfection, peach hair can just be the cherry on top that you don’t notice as much as the actual product.

This is the case with the current look. The brighter shade of peach hair is definitely one we can invest in though, while the half updo gives the whole concoction a more relaxed atmosphere.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


23. Peachy Chic

A short bob that has been straightened and left in a messy side part looks great with the roots grown in a peach hair color. There is a lovely warm shimmer to the peach hair that is all rose and gold, matching incredibly well with the Barbie-style makeup on a delicate heart-shaped face. The balayage coloring looks great, while the whole ‘do is rather easy to maintain if you keep the color right.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


24. Bright and Peachy

A very nice Valentine’s Day shade, we see a golden rosy peach take effect and work quite well with the matte crimson lipstick and red shades around the eyes. It is a straightened shoulder-length bob with side-swept hair and long bangs, looking positively delectable for any season of the year.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


25. Curling Peach Hair

Massive curls on voluminous peach hair look quite amazing actually, as they show off sexy, edgy and utterly classy all in one lovely package. Layered and falling over the shoulders, the tresses are that of a goddess and look amazing for a night out on the town to party it up until the wee hours of morning. Positive perfection!

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


26. Peach Class

You are a career-oriented woman and still want to go peach? Why not! A modern straightened slanted bob with a center part works incredibly well, while the darker, more coppery peach hair colors present a classier outlook. It is for a modern woman with a penchant for style, without appearing entirely out of place among the workforce. A deeper rose gold, it certainly attracts the most positive type of attention.

Peach Hair Colors Ideas


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