50 Unordentlich kurze Bob-Frisuren

50 Messy Short Bob Hairstyles December 4, 2017

Love to sport short hairstyles but bored of the regular bob? How about trying out a messy unique look? Yes, messy can look cute, trendy and elegant too. Don’t believe us!

Just check out the following 50 short messy bob hairstyles that will help you revamp your appearance the right way:

1. Highlighted and Grown Out Pixie:

This is a short ash brown pixie with golden brown and natural blonde highlights. Being a grown out one with the visibly unkempt layers, it can be a good choice for you as a messy short bob.

2. Highlighted Curly Bob with Long Bang:

This is a very short boyish bob on dark brown silky smooth hair with light brown highlights. The large messy curls all over the head and a long spiral side bang have given it a distinct look.

3. Full Head Highlighted Bob With Wispy Ends:

Get a full-head bob cut on your ash brown wavy hair with natural golden blonde highlights. Add volume to it and give the ends of the waves a beautiful wispy effect for a true messy look.

4. Reverse Stacked Bob With Uneven Front Fringes:

Reverse-Stacked-Bob-with-Uneven-Front-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a very short jet black bob with reverse stacks. The wispy ends of layers and the irregular front fringes are two unique features of this hairstyle.

5. Chin-Length Wavy Bob With Frail Ends:

Chin-Length-Wavy-Bob-with-Frail-Ends Pinit

Image: Getty

Side-part your chin-length black bob with random waves. Make sure that their ends are frail enough and add a messy flair to the whole look. Set the style with pomade or hair wax.

6. Curly Rounded Bob With Highlights:

In this rounded bob, the layers are curled up intensely for a cute and adorable look. The light brown highlights on ash brown locks, the coils swinging over the forehead and the overall tangled finish are the biggest features of the style.

7. Side-Parted Bob With Messy Textured Layers:

Side-Parted-Bob-with-Messy-Textured-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

The long layers and the dark roots have given this short blonde bob an exclusive appearance. The layers are textured and messed up slightly, while the front section is swept over the forehead for a neat look.

8. Neck-Length Layered Bob With Volume and Curls:

Neck-Length-Layered-Bob-with-Volume-and-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

A layered neck-length bob can look awesome if the ends of the layers are curled up nicely in the outward direction. Let the sides and the top remain wavy and a bit messy and sweep the front section over the forehead for a trendy look.

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9. Wavy Jaw-Length Bob With Rounded Back:

Wavy-Jaw-Length-Bob-with-Rounded-Back Pinit

Image: Getty

A jaw-length bob goes excellent with almost all face shapes. Here, the side-parted bob is rounded at the back, while the side locks are waved up and allowed to frame the face in a tangled way.

10. Super Wavy Inverted Bob With Highlights:

Super-Wavy-Inverted-Bob-with-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

Ditch your straight inverted bob and give it a super wavy look with wispy ends. Dark brown highlights, side part and an untidy effect will make you look truly different.

11. Side-Parted Bob With Messy Waves:

Side-Parted-Bob-with-Messy-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Part your neck-length bob hair to one side. Now, take the locks in thin sections, create waves on them and give a tangled finish. That’s all.

12. Blonde Curly Bob With Side-Swept Bang:

Blonde-Curly-Bob-with-Side-Swept-Bang Pinit

Image: Getty

This sexy natural golden blonde bob will give you a refreshing look in no time. Just part it to one side, curl up the messy locks randomly and add pretty long side-swept bangs to them.

13. Highlighted Asymmetric Curly Bob With Long Curvy Fringes:

Highlighted-Asymmetric-Curly-Bob-with-Long-Curvy-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

Get an asymmetric bob cut on your jet black hair with dark brown highlights. Create curves on the long front fringes and let them swing over your eyes, while rest of the hair should be curled up subtly.

14. Golden Blonde Curly Bob With Layered Side-Swept:

Golden-Blonde-Curly-Bob-with-Layered-Side-Swept Pinit

Image: Getty

Dark roots, layered side-swept bangs and a touch of pink are the USPs of this golden blonde bob. Curl up the locks in thin sections and texturize them for a better look.

15. Smart Bob With Graduated Fringes and Highlights:

Smart-Bob-with-Graduated-Fringes-and-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

This smart bob is almost similar to the regular boy cut hairstyle with graduated fringes lying over the forehead. However, you can tease up the crown to add volume to it and add golden brown highlights for a difference.

16. Jet Black Boyish Bob With Wispy Layers:

Jet-Black-Boyish-Bob-with-Wispy-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

This short jet black bob with fringes is also quite boyish in appearance. Apply mousse to add volume to the roots of the hair and also, make sure that it includes small layers with wispy ends so that you look elegant.

17. Layered Bob With Wispy Ends and Random Fringes:

Layered-Bob-with-Wispy-Ends-and-Random-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

In this very short bob hairstyle, the layers are made extremely short frequent and wispy at the ends to get a voluminous look. The random front fringes have complemented the entire style perfectly.

18. Trendy Bob With Pointy Ends and Forehead Band:

Trendy-Bob-with-Pointy-Ends-and-Forehead-Band Pinit

Image: Getty

This very short trendy bob can make you look super smart and highly stylish at the same time. Cut your jet black hair into wispy layers with pointy ends and wear a monochromatic forehead bandana to balance off the look.

19. Messy Short Bob With Random Layers and Fringes:

Messy-Short-bob-with-Random-Layers-and-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

When it comes to achieving a true casual look, this short bob can be your ideal solution. It features random layers with graduated fringes. But, the totally unkempt finish adds the real casual feel to it.

20. Voluminous Highlighted Curly Bob With Smooth Side:

Voluminous-Highlighted-Curly-Bob-with-Smooth-Side Pinit

Image: Getty

This is an ear-length light brown bob with golden and silver blonde highlights. Create a deep side part on it, add volume to the crown and curl up the locks in the larger section intensely, while leaving the smaller section smooth.

21. Voluminous Wispy Full-Head Bob:

Voluminous-Wispy-Full-Head-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

If you are ready to sport something unique, this reddish blonde wispy bob with golden blonde highlights will be a good choice for you. The full-head bob features thin wispy layers, almost straight fringes and a fluffy voluminous look.

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22. Glossy Copper Pointy Bob With Textured Waves:

Glossy Copper Pointy Bob with Textured Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

The sizzling copper color and the shiny texture of this cheek-length bob is enough to make you stand out from the crowd. You can get pointy ends and texturize the messy waves nicely for amazing add-ons.

23. Curly Reddish Blonde Bob With Frizzes:

Curly-Reddish-Blonde-Bob-with-Frizzes Pinit

Image: Getty

Create thin curls on your reddish blonde chin-length bob and mess them up slightly. The locks at the back side of your head should be frizzy to give you a carefree yet pretty look.

24. Asymmetric Bob With Rippling Waves and Fringes:

Asymmetric-Bob-with-Rippling-Waves-and-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

If you already have an asymmetric bob haircut, you could try creating rippling waves on it. Here, the yellowish blonde messy locks with random front fringes have made the look even better.

25. Careless Wavy Bob With Frizzes and Mess:

Careless-Wavy-Bob-with-Frizzes-and-Mess Pinit

Image: Getty

Ready to sport just the right careless look! Opt for this short ash brown bob with almost invisible layers, touch of black highlights, absolute frizzes and extreme mess. Let the waves swing over your forehead casually.

26. Frizzy Curly Bob With Wavy Side Sweep:

Frizzy-Curly-Bob-with-Wavy-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image: Getty

Those who have fine locks can give this messy and frizzy short bob a try for a change. Curl them up in short sections after parting to one side and sweep the front waves over the forehead neatly. Simple!

27. Wavy Blonde Bob With Long Front Fringes:

Wavy-Blonde-Bob-with-Long-Front-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

This is actually a very short blonde bob, which reaches up to the ears. But the wavy front fringes in it are quite longer than usual and covering the forehead in a semi-circular shape. And don’t miss out the frizzy finish too.

28. Voluminous Curly Bob With Wispy Layers:

Voluminous-Curly-Bob-with-Wispy-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

The stunning cinnamon red shade has made this short curly bob with extra volume a super hit among ladies. Part it to one side and let the wispy layers frame your face nicely.

29. Fluffy Curly Bob With Ribbon Bow:

Fluffy-Curly-Bob-with-Ribbon-Bow Pinit

Image: Getty

In this black bob hairstyle, the short layers are curled up in such a manner that it creates a fluffy and messy look. Apply a gel with good hold to set the style and adorn it with a huge ribbon bow.

30. Stacked Bob With Random Feathery Layers:

Stacked-Bob-with-Random-Feathery-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a dark brown stacked bob in which the layers are made random and given a spiky or feathery effect to come up with a messy sporty look. Apply a stronghold hair gel to maintain the style for long.

31. Half-Curled Blonde Bob With Wavy Layers:

Half-Curled-Blonde-Bob-with-Wavy-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a simple golden blonde bob that basically features wavy layers with messy flair and added texture. It has been made exclusive by curling the locks halfway up from the bottom. Nice, no?

32. Retro Boyish Bob With Bangs Tucked Behind Ear:

Retro-Boyish-Bob-with-Bangs-Tucked-Behind-Ear Pinit

Image: Getty

If you flaunt a retro hairstyle like this, you will look super stylish with no additional effort. Get a very short bob cut on your ash brown hair, let the long wavy bangs tucked behind your ears and mess the layers up to create a smart sporty finish. Amazing!

33. Irregular Bob With Textured Wavy Layers:

Irregular-Bob-with-Textured-Wavy-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

An irregular bob features layers of different length with no proper order. Once you get your messy bob haircut, texturize the waves in small sections and add a messy flair to the whole style.

34. Very Short Bob With Large Dramatic Curls:

Very-Short-Bob-with-Large-Dramatic-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

Make a deep side part on your dark brown wavy locks with light brown highlights and add considerable volume to the larger section. Creating large dramatic curls at the front and giving an overall tangled finish will make the hairstyle more eye-catching.

35. Glossy Blonde Bob With Messy Rippling Waves:

Glossy-Blonde-Bob-with-Messy-Rippling-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

In this hairstyle, rippling waves are created all over the golden brown blonde bob. A side part and slight frizziness will help you master the style perfectly.

36. Textured Wavy Bob With Highlights and Lowlights:

Textured-Wavy-Bob-with-Highlights-and-Lowlights Pinit

Image: Getty

The choice of highlights and lowlights has turned this apparently simple bob into a dazzling one. Zigzag part, wispy waves and added texture are some other big features of this style.

37. Center-Parted Asymmetric Bob With Dense Waves:

Center-Parted-Asymmetric-Bob-with-Dense-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Part your golden brown bob with dark roots in the middle and create intense waves all over it. Being an asymmetric one, some of the locks should reach your shoulders, while rest of the wispy ends should swing freely around your face.

38. Platinum Blonde Bob With Waves and Frizzes:

Platinum-Blonde-Bob-with-Waves-and-Frizzes Pinit

Image: Getty

Start with making an untidy center part on your platinum blonde bob with light brown highlights. Let the waves frame your face nicely and complement the whole style by creating frizzes.

39. Full-Head Super Curly Beige Blonde Bob:

Full-Head-Super-Curly-Beige-Blonde-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

If you have super curly hair, you will simply love to opt for this messy short bob style. Here, the beige blonde rounded bob is featuring intense curls with added volume and no part. Cute and adorable!

40. Funky Black Stacked Bob With Red Highlights:

Funky-Black-Stacked-Bob-with-Red-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

Those who have inclination to funky hairstyles will find it fun to sport this one. It is an absolutely messy stacked bob with long front fringes and fiery red highlights. So, ready for it?

41. Highlighted Boyish Bob With Outward Spikes:

Highlighted-Boyish-Bob-with-Outward-Spikes Pinit

Image: Getty

Here is another example of a chic boyish golden brown bob with natural blonde highlights. However, the layers are extremely short here and the spikes in the outward direction have added zing to them.

42. Charming Bob With Layered and Textured Waves:

Charming-Bob-with-Layered-and-Textured-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Hate that boyish look? Don’t worry. Here is a super girly short bob in which the layers are turned into random waves followed by perfect texturization in order to create a charming and refreshing look. Lovely, isn’t it?

43. Jaw-Length Wavy Bob With Stray Front Fringes:

Jaw-Length-Wavy-Bob-with-Stray-Front-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

As you can see, this is a soft black jaw-length bob with golden brown highlights and messy waves. But it is the stray front fringes swinging over the forehead, which has made it distinct.

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44. Voluminous Corporate With Intense Curls:

Voluminous-Corporate-with-Intense-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a perfect style for corporate women with short bob hair. Curl up the hair in thin sections and create extensive volume all over the head. You are done!

45. Afro-Textured Curly Bob With Shaved Side:

Afro-Textured-Curly-Bob-with-Shaved-Side Pinit

Image: Getty

Now, here is something that girls with Afro-textured curls can certainly give a shot. To jazz up the messy short bob, add a slightly longer bang at one side and shave up the other side to some extent.

46. Grown Out Pixie With Pretty Headband:

Grown-Out-Pixie-with-Pretty-Headband Pinit

Image: Getty

This grown out pixie can also be considered a s a nice choice for messy short bob hairstyles. The thick sharp layers, the subtle highlights, the puffy crown and the dazzling headband – all have contributed to its elegance.

47. Face-Framing Curly Bob With Textured Wavy Side Sweep:

Face-Framing-Curly-Bob-with-Textured-Wavy-Side-Sweep Pinit

Image: Getty

Apart from its hot golden brown shade with dark roots, the face-framing shape of this messy curly bob will grab your attention. Let the texture waves lie on the top and sweep over your forehead to balance off the entire look.

48. Very Short Messy Bob With Spiral Curls:

Very-Short-Messy-Bob-with-Spiral-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

This extremely short bob with long spiral curls all over the top of the head has created the example of a perfect messy hairstyle. Wear it with proper attitude and get appreciated.

49. Uneven Peach Bob With Fringes and Pink Highlights:

Uneven-Peach-Bob-with-Fringes-and-Pink-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a true rock star look in which the uneven peach wavy bob with long straight fringes is jazzed up with straight pink highlighted strips. It itself looks quite messy and attractive at the same time.

50. Bob With Straight Wispy Layers, Spikes and Curls:

Bob-with-Straight-Wispy-Layers,-Spikes-and-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

At last, here is a punk bob hairstyle that you can try too. The dark brown hair features lots of straight layers on the forehead and both sides, sharp spikes on the top, long wavy bangs tucked behind one ear and curly bang behind the other. Did you love it?

These were the 50 short messy bob hairstyles. So, just choose your favorite messy short bob hairstyle and do give that a try. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience.

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