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53 Modische Hochzeits-Hochzeiten für jede zukünftige Braut

Settling on anything related to wedding planning can be very difficult, and the look is no different. Of course, some women imagine their wedding day from a very young age, and know exactly what kind of effect they want to have without having to think. For others it can be a bit more difficult, since styles change and tastes change, and there are so many friggin options! Wedding updo hairstyles are no different.

Chic Wedding Updos for Every Bride-To-Be

You just have so many options of wedding updos, from classic styles, to avant-garde takes, to romantic and soft looks or something more elegant. I have some suggestions here for how to settle on the perfect look for your wedding updos, and some utterly gorgeous bridal updo hairstyles.

What Kind of Wedding Updo Hairstyles Can You Opt For?

There are so many different options for wedding updos, so before choosing your hairstyle, decide what kind of overall look you would like to have on your special day. If you have already purchased your dress, keep it in mind as well. Different options for wedding updo hairstyles can create different kinds of effects: some styles are sexier, others are cute, while others are more big and romantic.

If you are aiming for a sexier, more mature look, opt for a cleaner updo, perhaps with the hair swept to the side or pulled back. You can choose to have a bit of volume on the top, but it’s not mandatory. You can also opt for a few strands to frame the face. Avoid overly intricate bridal hairstyles, and instead aim for either a clean chignon or a high bun.

If you are aiming for more demure wedding updo hairstyles, choose a style with a lot of curls, and a bun that is slung lower towards the nape of the neck. Braids go really well with this kind of look, as well, both in the bun, or coming from the front. These kinds of wedding hairstyles have an overall softer effect, and they pair beautifully with more classic-looking wedding dresses.

If your bridal look is more sophisticated, and you would like to simply look like an elegant dream, aim for a more traditional wedding hairstyle. Consider a French twist, a super clean chignon, and a few strands curled near the front of the face, to flatter.

Some brides want to look effortless, edgy, and fun. That is where a lot of bridal updo hairstyles landed this year, with a lot of loose strands, and buns and twists that feature a lot of negative space. These kinds of styles require really well textured and curled hair and a lot of volume, which is much more important than the type of updo. By playing with these messy looking wedding updo hairstyles, a bride can look fearless and daring, but still extremely beautiful.

Lastly, the avant-garde bridal updo hairstyles deserve attention! A lot of brilliant hairstylists create architectural masterpieces out of wedding updo hairstyles, by playing shape and form. These are the kind of wedding updos that are truly memorable, so they are best paired with a simple dress and ultra clean makeup.

What Wedding Updos to Go For


Wedding Updo Hairstyle Ideas

Now that you know what effect each one of these wedding updos can have, let’s see it in action. We have a ton of gorgeous examples of the best bridal updo hairstyles to inspire you!

1. Textured Bun with Side Twist

Let’s start things off with a soft and modern take on wedding updo hairstyles. This style is all about texture, with a piecey twist of hair pulled back from the temple, and a large bun with a lot of strands separated from it, to create volume. A floral hair pin at the base of the bun softens everything and adds romance.

2. Dutch Braid Twist

Bridal updo hairstyles, especially in the spring and summer time, are traditionally best kept soft and not overly complex. This romantic Dutch braid twists and turns until it becomes a large bun at the nape of the neck, for an effect that is lush and where a bit of mess from the dance floor looks totally organic.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Dutch Braid Twist


3. Voluminous High Bun

This is another take on wedding updos that is a little messier and more textured, and yet still glamorous. The bun sits high on the head, looking voluminous, while a shining large ornament sits behind the ear, adding romance and magic.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Voluminous High Bun


4. Textured Side Bun

This thick side bun has a bit of a Victorian feel, while the rest of the volume and texture in the hair keep things soft yet modern. A few strands frame the face and flatter, the way wedding updos must.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Textured Side Bun


5. Double Dutch Braids

Bridal updo hairstyles with just a touch of a punk edge are totally okay, too! The two messy Dutch braids along the side are fearlessly cool, and they come into a soft low-slung bun that keeps things wedding appropriate.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Double Dutch Braids


6. Triple Dutch Crown

Elaborate wedding updos like this one can totally eliminate the need for any hair accessories. Triple Dutch braids surround the crown, creating a royal effect, while a few loose strands soften the look, and a low-slung bun completes the bridal effect.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Triple Dutch Crown


7. Fully Messy Bridal Bun

This is yet another take on wedding updo hairstyles with a really large, slightly messy bun. The hair is swept back very gently, so a lot of volume remains at the front to keep things as soft as possible, while a glittery hair accessory adds the necessary glamour.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Fully Messy Bridal Bun


8. Romantic Messy Hair Twist

This is a fairly simple style, where the real challenge is doing it so well so that it looks a little haphazard without ever falling apart. This low-slung hair twist is one of those bridal updo hairstyles that are great for a young and sassy bride.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Romantic Messy Hair Twist


9. Twisted and Textured Wedding Updo

It can be really interesting to get most of the effect of wedding updos from the texture of the hair, rather than the actual updo itself. While the large chignon itself is a classic style, by styling it with hair that has been curled and volumized, the effect stands out much more.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Twisted and Textured Wedding Updo


10. Braided Chignon

This is a unique take on one of the more traditional and graceful wedding updo hairstyles. The low-slung chignon is surrounded by a thick braid that creates a lush blend of textures, while a lot of volume at the top keeps things sexy.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Braided Chignon


11. Bold Wedding Updo with Side Dutch Braid

Some bridal updo hairstyles require either very long hair, or hair extensions to achieve maximum glory. This lovely updo is definitely one of those cases, where a Dutch side braid ends in a large, voluminous, and just a little messy bun.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Bold Wedding Updo with Side Dutch Braid


12. Flowy Side Braid

This is another take on bridal updo hairstyles that requires a lot of skill, or else the loose side Dutch braid might fall apart. Otherwise, it’s a lovely romantic look, with a twisted chignon, and a gorgeous bohemian hair accessory.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Flowy Side Braid


13. Layered and Twisted Bridal Updo

Some of these beautiful wedding updo hairstyles simply demand attention, like this one. This layered and twisted wedding updo has so much volume and texture that it absolutely must be paired with a strapless dress.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Layered and Twisted Bridal Updo


14. Organized Chaos Chignon

The secret to this iteration of wedding updo hairstyles with buns is all about the texture created with strands of hair in the bun. A few strands have been twisted into the chignon to create a fascinating effect.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Bridal Chignon


15. Lush Twisted Dutch Braid

This braided take on bridal updo hairstyles is all about the clean, sleek flow of the side Dutch braid. It is large, soft, and luxurious, and pairs beautifully with the delicate white flowers. The ability to keep the rest of the hair volumized, despite the weight of the braid, is true mastery.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Lush Twisted Dutch Braid


16. Full Chignon with Side Twist

This chignon stands out because of the way different pieces of it stand out in loops, giving a lot of negative space. It’s an interesting twist on an otherwise classic variation on wedding updos.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Full Chignon with Side Twist


17. Loose Twisted Bun

This wedding hairstyle twists and turns its way around, until it settles into a romantic loose chignon, with a lot of haphazard strands here and there. Don’t be betrayed by the spontaneous appearance, this is one of those messy bridal updo hairstyles that take a lot of work to get right!

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Loose Twisted Bun


18. Rustic Dutch Braid Wrap

Wedding updos don’t have to always be buns and chignons! In this style, a large Dutch braid was formed like a crown all around the head, in an innocent and rustic style that is perfect for a more conservative wedding look.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Rustic Dutch Braid Wrap


19. Dutch Braid Luxe Wrap

This luxurious take on braided wedding updos is a dream. It is much less rustic and more bohemian, thanks to the voluminous Dutch braid. This is the kind of wedding updo that does not require any hair accessories in order to shine!

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Dutch Braid Luxe Wrap


20. Curly Twisted Wedding Updo

The first step to achieving beautiful and long lasting bridal updo hairstyles is curling the hair first. It’ll both help the hair stay in place and will also ensure that the updo looks as luscious and voluminous, like in the case of this twisted style.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Curly Twisted Wedding Updo


21. Sleek Braided Chignon

The only concern about sleek braided wedding updos like this one is that everyone will try to touch your hair and mess it up! This sleek Dutch braid looks oh so soft as it snakes its way into a large, low-slung bun.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Sleek Braided Chignon


22. Flowery Dutch Braid Bun

This is one of those bridal updo hairstyles that are positively architectural. The large and clean Dutch braid radiates luxury, and as it flows into the large bun, the effect is like of a beautiful flower.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Flowery Dutch Braid Bun


23. Elegant Bridal Twist

An elegant bride is always in style, and with this take on wedding updos you could definitely look the part. The way the hair was gathered at the nape of the neck is soft and simple, without looking too clean or severed.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Elegant Bridal Twist


24. Gathered Curls Wedding Updo

In this magnificent take on bridal updo hairstyles, the hair from the front was curled, and then gathered back in a twist. The curled ends were pinned on top of a chignon, creating a beautiful and lush effect.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Gathered Curls Wedding Updo


25. Full Twisted Bridal Updo

This is a stunning wedding updo that is perfect for anyone with massively long hair. Curled strands come together in twists and turn into a lush and full gorgeous take on wedding updos.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Full Twisted Bridal Updo


26. Full High Wedding Chignon

This is the kind of high bun that is created in layers: first a smaller bun, around which more and more hair is wrapped, to create a large and luxurious take on chignon bridal updo hairstyles that remind a bit of the Gibson Girl hairstyle.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Full High Wedding Chignon


27. Semi Wedding Updo with Hair Wrap

This is one of those wedding updos that seem difficult, but are deceptively simple. After the hair is waved and teased at the crown, it is threaded through a hair band, to create that interesting curly effect. Then the headpiece is placed on top, to create an organic look.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Semi Wedding Updo with Hair Wrap


28. Winding Dutch Braid Style

The coolest thing about Dutch braid related wedding updo hairstyles is the way you can create so many different kinds of shapes with the braid. Here, the braid accentuates the crown volume in a way that really emphasizes the lushness of the style, before blending into a full chignon.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Winding Dutch Braid Style


29. Architectural Hair Twist

This is an avant-garde option for wedding updo hairstyles. Around a smaller bun, straightened strands of hair were wrapped architecturally, to create a magnificent style.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Architectural Hair Twist


30. High Oversized Bun

Why would you constrain yourself to a small chignon, when you can simply create one massive bun for your wedding updo? If you have the hair to spare, this kind of style is feminine, memorable, and larger than life.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: High Oversized Bun


31. Double Crown Fishtail Braid

This wedding updo is a great example of how to beautifully pair ombre hair colors with bridal updo hairstyles. The double fishtail braids wrapped to make a crown stand out in a gleaming gold hair shade, against the darker auburn roots.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Double Crown Fishtail Braid


32. Structural Hair Plate Twist

This is one of those bridal updo hairstyles that will stand out more than any other element of your wedding. It takes a real artist to manage to get the hair to lay flat, in gorgeous architectural twists that mimic the most beautiful flower.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Structural Hair Plate Twist


33. Dutch Braid Sweep

A crown Dutch braid is always going to be soft, classy, and romantic, which is why it makes such a key element in so many bridal updo hairstyles. The unique styling choice here was to curl the face-framing strands back, for a gently windswept look.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Dutch Braid Sweep


34. Fishtail Braid Wrapped Bun

Simple wedding updos are perfectly acceptable! A small bun, wrapped with a fishtail braid looks elegant and unique, without taking too much effort. Just remember to curl a few face-framing strands, for extra elegance and femininity.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Fishtail Braid Wrapped Bun


35. Braided High Bun

This is an elegant take on bridal updo hairstyles that have just a hint of a rustic feel. The way the large braid is wrapped around the high bun lends an innocent feel to what is, otherwise, a very sophisticated look.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Braided High Bun


36. Curly Spring Wedding Updo

This abundance of curls is a springtime dream! Aside from all of the curls that have been pinned up to perfection, a few strands of hair have also been twisted into the hair piece, creating a lovely swept-back look from the front.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Curly Spring Wedding Updo


37. Grecian Wrapped Bridal Updo

This Grecian style wedding updo is large and in charge. The way the hair has been wrapped up high in a large and voluminous style would go perfectly with an overall Grecian themed wedding, while the strands of hair coming from the front and going below the main part of the updo make this one of my favorite subtle touches in any of these wedding updos.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Grecian Wrapped Bridal Updo


38. Curly Pinned Back Wedding Updo

This is one of those simple wedding updos that are just a little bit messy, and perfect to take the edge off of a very traditional look. Curly hair here was simply pinned back over a bun, creating a full and romantic effect.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Curly Pinned Back Wedding Updo


39. Sleek Princess Wedding Updo

This large yet sleek updo is the very definition of gracefulness. Despite the amount of curls pinned and wrapped into this updo, everything looks clean and smooth, to create the most sumptuous of bridal updo hairstyles.

40. Weaved Crown Braid Updo

This is another one of those wedding updos that have a bit of a Grecian feel. The lovely swept-back bangs on long hair, and pinned-back curls are totally classic, so what really stands out in this look is the crown Dutch braid, which looks as though it had been woven with tiny little strands, in a really interesting way.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Weaved Crown Braid Updo


41. Voluminous Romantic Wedding Updo

The way the braids have been wrapped around both the crown and the low-slung bun in this take on wedding updo hairstyles really emphasizes how voluminous this hairstyle is, in a way that is lush and romantic.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Voluminous Romantic Wedding Updo


42. Butterfly Braided Bridal Updo

Wedding updos that incorporate unique braids can be very memorable. This fascinating butterfly braid is delicate and beautiful as it winds its way down to a floral twist at the nape of the neck.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Butterfly Braided Bridal Updo


43. Retro Glam Bridal Bun

Whereas finger-wave bridal updo hairstyles can be a fun decision, they can also look a little bit too costumey. Choosing to make larger finger waves, and pairing them with some sort of bun (in this case, a very large one accentuated by some braiding) modernizes the look while keeping it glamorous and wedding appropriate.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Retro Glam Bridal Bun


44. Woven Curls Wedding Updo

An incredible hairdresser is able to create structural masterpieces that also happen to be gorgeous bridal updo hairstyles. The way the curls are gathered into this beautiful wedding updo is made doubly attractive thanks to a lot of thought into how they would be woven together, to create a lush and organized effect.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Woven Curls Wedding Updo


45. Decreasing Braid Bun

Larger buns, as you could probably already tell, are a really popular choice for wedding updos right now, because they are extremely feminine and voluminous. This large bun stands out thanks to the way the braid was wrapped around it – it starts out larger towards the end, and the closer it comes to the base of the bun, the thinner it gets.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Decreasing Braid Bun


46. Simple and Clean High Bun

This take on the classic high bun wedding updos is perfection. The bun is clean and round, and there is just a little bit of volume at the crown, for a look that will suit anyone.

47. Floral High Bun

This is a really girlish and unique take on high bun wedding updos. After tightly pulling the hair into a high bun, some curled strands were pinned in to create a gorgeous floral effect.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Floral High Bun


48. Woven Faux Beehive Wedding Updo

This soft and gorgeous beehive style large updo is the most regal of these bridal updo hairstyles. Instead of looking dated, the hair looks modern, soft, and romantic thanks to clever weaving of the strands.

49. Woven High Bun with Loose Curls

This soft and romantic take on bridal updo hairstyles is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to have a pure, fun, and sweet look on her wedding day. The hair was pulled back softly after being curled, in a piecey way that allows for a lot of volume, while curled strands all around the head add a bit of haphazard whimsy.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Woven High Bun with Loose Curls


50. Clean Structural Chignon

This is another one of those wedding updos that have a very structural effect, thanks to the large and clean low-slung chignon, sleek yet volumized crown, and the thick strand of hair pulled from the front to frame all the other styled elements.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Clean Structural Chignon


51. Victorian Inspired Wedding Updo

This take on wedding updo hairstyles echoes Victorian era styling details, but with a modern twist, thanks to beautifully balayaged hair that emphasizes the texture of the curls, and some interesting woven elements.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Victorian Inspired Wedding Updo


52. Built-Up Chignon with Side Braid

This wedding hairstyle utilizes a lot of negative space, to create a haphazard and romantic effect that is perfect for daytime and summertime weddings. The chignon has been built up with an explosion of curls, to create one of those fun and wild bridal updo hairstyles.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Built-Up Chignon with Side Braid


53. Curly Low Slung Bridal Updo

There is something about low-slung wedding updos that is a little more demure and romantic than high wedding updos. Here, there is even extra innocence thanks to a lot of sloping curls and soft pulled back hair.

Bridal/ Wedding Updos Hairstyles: Curly Low Slung Bridal Updo


Which is your favorite of the wedding updos? Do you prefer loose and volumized hair, or ultra sleek and pulled back? Comment and let us know!

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