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63 Kreative Hochsteckfrisuren für kurzes Haar Perfekt für jeden Anlass

Finding the right updos for short hair can seem like a frustrating endeavor, since many updos seem to be designed for longer lengths. The variety of hairstyles can seem limited if you don’t know where or how to look. Short hair can have as many styling options as any other length, it just takes a bit of imagination and direction to get there. With a bit of creativity, any style can be adjusted to benefit a shorter length beautifully.

Creative Updos for Short Hair Perfect for Any Occasion

Short hair and short hair updos are described as everything from chic to breathtakingly gorgeous. Any amount ingenuity can lead to a beautiful short updo, but be prepared to use a lot more hair pins! Whether your goal is just to keep the hair out of your eyes or to get an elaborate, awe-inspiring updo hairstyle for short hair, there are plenty of options below to choose from.

Picking an Updo for Short Hair

Think about the event you have to attend if any. If you just want to have your hair out of your face, or if you’re just trying out looks, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Short hair could be accessorized and elevated easily and sometimes with a lot less work.

Many people find that they need to wear their hair in an updo when going to a wedding or a formal event. While nearly any updo can be managed and manipulated to work for any hair type, it is actually knowing what works for your hair most that makes it easy.

Curly hair holds updos well, but even fine, thin hair can be worked into an elegant updo as well. Tools are they key – gel, mousse, hair pins and barrettes work wonders when it comes to styling updos for short hair.

Maintaining Short Hair In an Updo

Short hair updos can be casual, chic, sophisticated or sassy, and in some cases an updo can be all these things at once. Remember with short hair protecting your ends is still incredibly important. Split ends on short hair can ruin every hairstyle you try and be much more noticeable.

Whenever possible, protect your ends and make certain they are tucked into your updo appropriately when necessary. Fortunately, the ends of shorter hair are less aged, and thus less fragile than the ends of much longer hair.

To keep the ideal look of your short hair updos, you definitely need the help of lots of styling products, like hair pins and hair accessories that will add extra chic to your short updos, as well as lots of hair spray to keep every hair in place.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Updos for Short Hair

One of the easiest ways to put your short hair up is with an accessory. A headband, or a comb can do wonders, especially when using an elaborately designed one.

Barrettes of any type are a lifesaver for short hair – you can clip it up and go without spending copious amounts of time. Just be strategic in your placement.

Nearly anything can be used to match your mood, outfit or event. Hair pins are not the start and the end, keep up with your options and keep them well stocked.

Ideas of Cute Updos for Short Hair

If you think a ponytail and a hair bun are the only updo hairstyles for short hair, think again! Below you can find tons of creative ideas for styling casual, chic and just cool updos for short hair.

1. Braided Around

Similar to a crown braid, this braid wraps around but does not connect or hold all of the hair. This is a great example of a great every-day updo for short hair – perfectly messy, amazingly cute and just the right amount of chic.

2. Braids to Hold

There are so many ways to pin your hair back, and using braids in your own hair is a great way to get it done. Braids beneath the temples can be used to hold back your short hair for an interesting look that sits above a ponytail. It’s perfect!

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Short Hair Updo


3. Dual Colored and Braided Back

Interesting hair is always better! Pink and blue and a stunning cut show off color and braiding skills. The under hand braids perfectly hold the short hair up, revealing an undercut of a blue dyed cat in her hair. Flowers are the perfect adornment, and the short hair updo overall is completely adorable.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Undercut Braided Short Hair Updo


4. Short Hair Twists and Rolls

Twisting hair backwards, away from the face and using the twists to hold the short hair back is a beautiful way to create an updo for short hair. This allows for some of the hair to essentially hang free, and the style is gorgeous.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Twisted Short Hair Updo


5. Mint and Blue Short Hair Updo with an Undercut

Beautiful colors and a stunning undercut work beautifully well together, especially when it comes to styling lovely updos for short hair. The best way to show off an undercut is to wear an updo. Here the short hair updo utilizes a braid and a twist to put the entirety of the undercut on display.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Undercut Braided Short Hair Updo


6. Updo for Short Hair with Cute Barrettes

Two loosely pulled French braids end in a cute bow barrette in the shape of a bow like Minnie Mouse’s. The style is interesting and cute, and beautifully shows off the colors in her short hair. At the end of the braid, the hair is wrapped around and secured with the barrette.

7. Updo for Short Hair with a Headband

A sparkling headband over cleverly twisted hair makes an interesting statement from all angles. All it takes is gathering the short hair into the shape you want, adding a few pins and the headband on top. Here the color of her hair is beautiful against the headband as well.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Headband Short Hair Updo


8. Short Hair Updo with Knots

Flip knots are easy enough to master and make a quick short hair updo that is inexplicably stylish. Here, the hair is put in repeating knots all the way down, keeping the hair out of her face and in an interesting, lasting updo. This updo for short hair is certain to gain plenty of compliments with minimal effort.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Knotted Short Hair Updo


9. Short Braid Crown

A beautiful perimeter braid goes a long way towards securing a short hair updo that lasts all day. This crown braid is exactly the style needed for anything that your day might bring. A crown braid is an easy-to-accessorize updo for short hair that is certain to hold.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Crown Braided Short Hair Updo


10. Spiral Curled Short Updo

Curling your hair won’t keep it out of your face, but this short hair updo will. All the beautiful curls are gathered towards the back, pinned from the sides and allowed to shine and give body and volume in the back. Leaving out whatever tendrils you choose to customize the look further is just another bonus to this chic updo hairstyle for short hair.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Curled Short Hair Updo


11. Fluffy Pigtail Buns

Pigtails are a great option for people with very short hair. Sometimes it is easier to get all of the hair into two smaller ponytails rather than one. This is a cute short updo that is easy to replicate and super cute to wear, no matter the hair color.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Pigtail Buns Hair Updo


12. Quickest Bun for Short Hair

Pull, twist and wrap your short hair into a quick perfect bun that will stay with you throughout your day. It’s a quick solve for a day full of rushing about and a cute short updo that won’t garner any curious looks.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Top Knot Short Hair Updo


13. Silvery Blue Messy Updo for Short Hair

The perfect messy bun is a near necessity for anyone constantly on the go. This is a perfect example of an ideal messy bun. Just pulled back and closed in a ponytail that can be folded or twisted and closed in well! Thanks to the near mystic blue color of her hair, this short hair updo looks even cooler.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Loose Ponytail Short Hair Updo


14. Lilac Mini Buns

Purple roots and lilac ends look great pulled up in a mini fold over buns on either side of her head. The bunned pigtails are cute and efficient, showing off the gradation of color from roots to tips, and how beautifully the color was placed. Just two ponytails with a quick twist into buns, and they are good to go, perfectly messy and cute.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Double Top Buns Short Hair Updo


15. Mini Bouffant and Ponytail

The mini bump or mini bouffant is a great way to pull back bangs or add volume to short hair that you really just want out of your face. Here, paired with a mid height ponytail, this updo for short hair works beautifully and looks fun.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Bouffant Ponytail Short Hair Updo


16. Loose Top Knot for Short Hair

The loose top knot is the perfect on the go short updo hairstyle, quick and cute and easy to do. With all the hair pulled back away from her face, it is easy to see her great makeup. Her peachy gold hair color still stands out beautifully, but her short hair is protected and out of the way!

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Top Bun Short Hair Updo


17. Dutch Braids for Short Hair

Dutch braids for short hair are an easy thing to master that can be used again and again. They perfectly weave the hair up and out of the face into a style that lasts until you take it out. Dutch braids can be adjusted to go down the center, next to each other or around the crown of the head as needed, and as shown in this updo for short hair, are a great way to show off color.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Dutch Braided Short Hair Updo


18. Deceptively Easy Twisted Updo for Short Hair

Depending on who you ask, twists can be easier than braids, but just as effective in holding hair back while giving flair and style to a look. Here the twisted crown works beautifully, adding volume and interesting effects for a great short hair updo.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Twisted Short Hair Updo


19. Quick Bun for Short Hair

Leaving out your bangs, especially when they are amazing, can add to the aesthetic of a short hair updo. Leaving out her bangs gives everyone a chance to really appreciate the nuance in her hair color. Her hair is pulled up to the midpoint to keep the hair off of her neck and simply folded over into the bun. It’s quick, easy and effective, which is everything you could want from a quick updo for short hair.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Top Knot Short Hair Updo


20. Amazon-Inspired Knotted Braid

Though a lot of people with pixie haircuts struggle with updos, this one is a perfect option. The short hair updo creates volume and shape without any hair extensions or even a real braid – just a clever placement!

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Fauxhawk Short Hair Updo


21. Pink and Peach Fauxhawk on Short Hair

To pull off certain updos for short hair, gel is an integral ingredient to polishing the style. This style perfectly shows off the rich ombre hair color in the photo, and is accented with glitter gel for a creative and beautiful look.

22. Half and Half Short Hair Updo

Half of the hair is not only braided back and tucked, which creates a side-swept look that is flattering on nearly any one, but a deep bump or curl also allows for a bit of movement on the hair that is left out. It’s a simple and easy short hair updo that can be worn again and again; you can even switch sides.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Half Braided Short Hair Updo


23. Alien Chic Buns on Short Hair

The key to any bun hairstyle on shorter hair is to place the ponytails at the point, where the hair is the longest so it has a reliable hold. These buns are loosely set for a comfortable, chic and carefree updo for short hair.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Double Top Buns Short Hair Updo


24. Dutch Braids with Shaved Sides

Dutch braids are a staple for many longer-haired people, but they can look just as good, and even better when paired with a dramatic color and short hair with shaved sides. They stand out anyway, but the colors will pop brighter, and the short hair updo is definitely cool. If you choose to, when you take them out, your hair will have more volume and flow as well.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Shaved Sides Dutch Braided Short Hair Updo


25. Rose Gold Low Ponytail for Short Hair

Soft rose gold hair is still very on trend, but sometimes you just want to wear a chic and easy ponytail. The key is to add a bit of volume and twist the short hair to cover the band. A side-swept bang never hurts either!

26. Modified Crown Braid on Short Hair

Crown braids have their own appeal as a cute and easy-to-wear updo hairstyle for short hair. This style serves to pull back whatever amount of hair you prefer, and leave out what you like. The ends are tucked into a little ponytail in the back, and you are ready to go!

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Crown Braided Short Hair Updo


27. Low Bridal Updo for Short Hair

When it comes to wedding updos, you always think that long hair is the only way to go, but this bridal updo for short hair is here to convince you that isn’t true! Here is another version of a chignon, placed in a low bun with the hair rolled and wrapped around. The hair pulled in from the front is secured with a twist before joining the rest in the bun.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Low Short Hair Updo


28. Pinned-Back Short Hair Updo

Everything is pulled to the middle and pinned with a few strands left out to spiral in front. It’s a simple, classic and easy short hair updo that will keep the hair out of her face with no problem.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: French Twist Short Hair Updo


29. Curly Short Hair Pulled Back

A quick pull back on short curly hair can be stepped up with a bit of hair jewelry. Here the hair pins from a wedding were recycled to hold the loosely twisted bun and give it a step up as a short hair updo.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Low Bun Short Hair Updo


30. Woven Braids and Twists for Short Hair

Quickly braiding back the crown and twisting up the sides can give you a lasting updo for short hair. This is also a great way to show off any hair color combination in a style that takes only a few minutes.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Woven Braided Short Hair Updo


31. Side Braid and Top Curls

A curled crown looks pretty on its own, but here it is accentuated by a braid on the side that works similarly to an undercut. The look is nice and complete without being too much work. Just a few well-set curls, and a quick, underhand side braid with the end being pinned beneath the curls in the back complete the short updo.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Side Braided Short Hair Updo


32. Side Pin on Short Hair Updo

An updo on a very short haircut can require that only a portion of the hair is actually pulled up. Here the side is pinned up for an interesting and different look with pins. Just carefully placed, twisted and curled hair makes for a great, simple updo for short hair.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Side Pinned Short Hair Updo


33. Side Pinned Curly Short Updo

The benefit of this updo hairstyle for short hair is the side-swept style. The short hair is curled and angled to the side, with the curls rolled and twisted, pinned up to each other on one side for a chic and elegant look. The pins will maintain the curls and keep the shape as well as the updo for short hair.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Curled Short Hair Updo


34. Pulled Updo for Short Hair

Special events can require special updos for short hair, like this one. The little accessory is an elegant touch, but this hairstyle can hold up on its own. The way the hair is pulled back keeps the volume but maintains a slicked-back appearance as well. The pinned and curled short hair updo will look great throughout whatever the event it is worn to.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Wedding Short Hair Updo


35. Slicked and Braided Updo for Short Hair

One of the best ways to control loose, shorter hair is with a braid or a twist. Weaving the hair together will keep the strands from coming loose. Strategically placed braids like this one can hold even bangs out of the way, and be designed and led into a chic updo for short hair.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Short Hair Updo


36. Braided and Crimped Short Hair Updo

Crimps are fun for texture and a softer but edgier look. The French style braids on the side add another texture to the hairstyle for a cool overall look. The braids hold everything together so that the length of the hair doesn’t matter.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Crimped Short Hair Updo


37. Short Updo Accessorized with Roses

This short updo is simple to achieve with a short underhand braid accessorized with rose pins for a look that is adorably chic. Ending in a fluffy curled ponytail, this short hair updo gives the image of volume and length in a cute accessorized style with perfectly placed mini roses.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Short Hair Updo


38. Clever Braid on Short Hair

Swooping hairstyles do not have to be huge or long to make an impact. Here it is done cleverly with a loose braid and curls. Weaving the curls lightly into the soft braid at the crown keeps the volume and the curls, and works seamlessly into the rest of the short updo.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Short Hair Updo


39. Nape Knot

It is a misconception that a tight knot cannot be achieved with shorter hair, but it can. Gathering the hair is the biggest hurdle, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. Clever twisting and a bit of a spin will create the perfect knot with a chic edge and a gorgeous look.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Nape Knot Short Hair Updo


40. 5-Minute Braided Updo for Short Hair

A quick underhand braid can be turned into nearly anything with the right amount of creativity. Here the braid creates a side-swept style that is a perfect short hair updo with a lot of style and easy grace.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Short Hair Updo


41. Double Headband

The simplicity of an accessory is really undervalued, but the right accessories are a godsend. The look controls where the hair falls and elevates the simple bun pinned here. The short updo is fun and simple, but admirable and attractive.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Double Headband Short Hair Updo


42. Slick Twist and Messy Bun

A good style for any and everything is one you should have on hand. Here, a loose twist pulls the short hair at the top together, extending into a bun at the nape. This updo for short hair is easy enough to not take forever and classy enough to wear anywhere.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Messy Bun Short Hair Updo


43. Pull and Pin

Sometimes a short hair updo is just getting the hair out of the way. For shorter hairstyles, a perfect updo can be as easy as a cute headband pulling the hair away from the face, but in some cases pulling a few locks of hair and pinning them down is the way to go. Combine the two as she did here, and enjoy a quick shorter hair updo for the rest of the day.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Pinned Short Hair Updo


44. Blue and Teal Fauxhawk

This short hair updo will look amazing on any color job, but the shades of blue really do look multidimensional here. The braids allow the colors to blend hypnotically, while the blue glitter gel gives it just a step of extra sparkle. The loose braid on top adds height but ends with the knots in the back for a roguish look that is inspiring and cool.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Fauxhawk Short Hair Updo


45. Knotted and Braided Short Hair Updo

Edgy is always a good look, and for this short hair updo, there are multiple edgy details. From the triple knots to the braid leading into them, the overall look is amazing and interesting from all angles.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Knotted Short Hair Updo


46. Short Updo Showing Off an Undercut

Curly short hair can be pinned up for extra volume and to show off a cool undercut design. The geometric patter on display here looks beautiful with the straight lines juxtaposed against the twisted and pinned curls.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Undercut Short Hair Updo


47. Low Ponytail with a Headband

Dressing up a low ponytail is super easy with a printed headband. The look is fun and simple, and the headband will catch any stray strands that could fall back into your face.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Headband Low Ponytail Short Hair Updo


48. Low Flipped Chignon on Short Hair

Chignons can be done in a number of ways, and this is just another example of a great option for short hair updos. Smooth and sleek make a great look like this, with the hair pulled back, flipped up and pinned. Since the hair from the front is unlikely to reach into the ponytail as well, it is twisted and pinned over the top to keep everything neat and sophisticated.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Low Chignon Short Hair Updo


49. Messy Pulled-Back Short Hair Updo

Messy hair is a skill to pull off, but one that is easy to learn. Here, loose barrel curls are pulled away from the face and fit the definition of a short hair updo in a quick and practical way. This can be done any number of ways or short hair, but as always, be prepared with a few pins!

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Messy Low Short Hair Updo


50. Braided Crown with Volume

A loosely pulled French braid works like a headband across the front, with the end of the braid either tucked under or tucked into the voluminous curls in the back. This updo for short hair has a benefit over longer hair – the finish of the natural headband doesn’t end in a long trailing braid that is difficult to hide. The end tucks in seamlessly and beautifully, working as a different texture next to the volume and curls.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Crown Braided Short Hair Updo


51. Pinned-Down Short Spirals

Loose spiral curls are artfully gathered towards the nape of the neck in a classic style. Just the right fallen curl that’s cleverly placed gives the look a fun and slightly looser aesthetic. The style is structured in a way to allow it to be comfortable and beautiful, and can easily be duplicated by linking the curls into each other, secured with a few pins. This updo for short hair will hold beautifully well and can even be enhanced with a few accessories.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Curled Short Hair Updo


52. Angled Bob to Flowered Updo Braid

Angled bobs have a lot more versatility than people give them credit for. An underhand braided cornrow from one ear to the other around the back of the head and adorned with flowers is a simple, fun and beautiful updo hairstyle for short hair.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Bridal Short Hair Updo


53. Quick Bridesmaid 2-Layer Updo for Short Hair

Though the detail is obviously in the tight overhand braid, the upper layer of hair gives a bit of lift to the short updo. The curls draped off to the side are pined carefully and placed perfectly for just the right amount of curl left out.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Braided Short Hair Updo


54. Decorated Top Knot for Short Hair

A slick top knot is very on trend right now, and shorter-haired girls can get in on the trend as well. Place the ponytail at the point of your crown where your hair is the longest, and simply loop it over rather than wrapping the hair around. You get a nicer sized knot, and can easily strategically pull out wisps of hair around the temple or ears as done here. Don’t forget your accessories!

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Top Knot Short Hair Updo


55. Soft Halo Braid on Short Hair

Halo braids are always beautiful! Though shorter hair requires a bit more finesse to accomplish an updo at times, that isn’t a concern here. A halo braid is the perfect updo for short hair. In this style, the braids are loosely plaited overhand and pinned carefully into a loose bun at the nape of the neck.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Halo Braided Short Hair Updo


56. Twisted and Tucked Silver Hair

This short hair updo has the silver hair pulled back a section at the time and twisted until each section could be tucked into the loosest braid possible. Each section was pinned and secured, all aiming to be tucked under in the minimalist of unsecured buns. It’s an interesting and effective look.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Twisted and Braided Short Hair Updo


57. Chignon Updo for Short Hair

Chignons are an easily wearable, effortlessly chic look that will always be in style. Rather than a slicked down chignon, this one has a bit of teased volume at the crown as well. As an updo option for short hair, a bit of finessing, pinning, twisting and a bit of holding spray will get the job done.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Chignon Short Hair Updo


58. Soft Low Bun with Flowers

Softly swept back, the hair that is twisted and tucked into the low bun is beautifully and elegantly presented with a few flowers for accessories. This may be one of the most effortless appearing short hair updos, but it takes quite a bit of maneuvering to get a look this fresh and beautiful.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Low Bun Short Hair Updo


59. Bangs, a Braid and a Bun

An underhanded headband braid separates the side-swept bang and tucks into the low-pinned bun. The length on this style is indeterminable, but cleverly hidden in the style so that only the elegance of the updo on this short hairstyle is visible.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Crown Braided Short Hair Updo


60. Curled Side-Pinned Short Hair Updo

This clever style doesn’t let on the length of her hair, but is not pulled tight or uncomfortable either. It is soft, curled and gathered just right for a shiny side bun with just the right amount of loose curls to give it a lively look.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Side Pinned Short Hair Updo


61. Soft Pin Curls

Pin curls are timeless and easy to adjust to be more glam as needed. The curls are soft and pinned in place to create body and shape while still showing off the style. This is a great updo for short hair because the sculpting and placement of each curl are easier to decide and place. Even better, once finished with the style, you can remove the pins, fluff out the hair, and it is beautifully and softly curled.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Pinned Curled Short Hair Updo


62. Clean Pinned-Back Short Hair Updo

Not every short updo is designed to show off every angle of your face, but this one is. The look is clean, simple and pretty, with a bit of volume at the crown and curls at the nape for an elegant short hair updo.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Pinned-Back Short Hair Updo


63. Crimped Fishtail Braids

Some short hair updos look amazing with a bit of texture added in. Here the hair is crimped before being French braided down either side and ending in a short fishtail. The crimps are soft, but really stand out and provide beautiful texture to the updo.

Updos for Short Hair Ideas: Crimped Braided Short Hair Updo


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