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7 Short Hair Cuts You Could Try Right Now!

7 Short Hair Cuts You Could Try Right Now! January 22, 2018

Bob’s have been a rage and for a very good reason! Oh that wondrous feeling of freedom that it gives you and not to mention those gazillion options give you to play around with. The very thought leaves you so happy and peppy. How you’d feel once you have it, is an indescribable!

Here are some classics in short haircuts that you can try right away that will bring the fun side of you right out. They have never been out of style and they never will be! 

Short Haircuts For Women

Style 1: Layered Bob hair cut

If you want to go all cool and funky, then this is the short haircut you need to call upon! The layers give you the bounce and the bob adds the flare! The style is neat and fun at the same time. This is definitely one layered haircut to try!

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

Style 2: Side-Swept Bangs short hair cut

The purpose of a bangs is very simple. It needs to add a new dimension to your face while framing it beautifully. And hence it works miracles on your look if you have a round face! Whether you pick a heavy or light bang, it brings out your eyes kicking up your attraction quotient by more than just a notch. Plus they hide a large forehead with utmost ease.

There you can now have the cake and the icing!

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Style 3: Choppy Short haircut

If different is your aim, then this is right choice for you!

This is a short and layered hairstyle in which the sections are very clearly visible leaving you with a very natural and sporty look. Plus is this one of those hairstyles where you don’t have to worry about adding color will effect it! It will only get better. That’s a promise!

Style 4: Soft A-line Bob

These are also very popularly known as inverted bobs and are extremely popular too!

These look flattering on all face shapes adding an air of mystery and glamour that any woman will love!

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Style 5: Wavy bob cut with side fringe

Take a classic bob and add waves from the mid length along with a side fringe for a dainty yet smart look. This works best for fine to medium hair.

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

Style 6: Bowl Cut Bob

This is one style that was very popular back in the days not just for simplicity of maintenance but also because it is soooo very easy to do as cut also. The sides and back are cut short to the same length invariably making it seem like someone put a bowl over the head and chopped off the rest! Which where the name comes from.

This is also quite popularly known as mushroom, beach or put cut.

This is however not recommendable for those of you who have round faces as it ends up giving the face a very roundish look and if you already have a round face then you will end up looking like a ball!

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

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Style 7: Classic Bob With Straight Fringe

The classic bob started a statement of rebellion by the women when they had just gained the right to vote. And till date it is the mark of the bold ones that lead a busy life!

These chin grazing styles with straight bangs some a look and comfort that just caught on like fire among women. It has held its place ever since. It highlights the eyes and add a frame of power to the look. However, if you already have a round face then it would be more suitable if you keep the length below the chin.

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

So there they are! The 7 short haircuts you could try right now!



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