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Best Hair Styling Products In the Market

Best Hair Styling Products In the Market November 3, 2017

Just like your clothes and shoes your hair style too speaks volumes about your personality and fashion sense. It is therefore important for you to keep changing your look and style often. This however, does not imply that you go for a haircut or to a hair stylist every second day. This means ‘wakeup to styling products’. These give different texture and styles to different hair types. However, with an overwhelming number of hair products that the market offers today, selecting one that suits you is no mean feat.

Here are some of the best hair styling products for women in the Indian market right now.

9 Best Hair Styling products:

1. Hair styling mousse:

This product is perfect for thin hair. Gives volume without making hair heavy. However, be cautious while applying the product as applying more the the required amount will leave the hair looking crisp. Applying a dollop about the size of ping-pong ball should be sufficient to begin with. Comb and blow wet hair and then work your way up with the mousse.

Enliven pro vitamin ultra hold mousse Pinit

  • Enliven pro vitamin ultra hold mousse
  • Toni & Guy – Boost-it Mousse
  • Beaver professional light and natural wax

2. Hairstyle holding sprays:

A few quick burst of the aerosol hair spray to any hairstyle and you are ready to rock. Sprays are perhaps the most popular finishing product. With the sprays you gave give a light or a rigid hold, totally depending upon the kind of look you prefer. However, applying spray on wet hair tends to give it crunchy look.

Hairstyle holding sprays Pinit

  • Schwarzkopf Osis Freeze Fix Strong Hold Hairspray
  • Schwarzkopf Osis Hold Miracle Volume

3. Heat protectants:

Sunsil Keratinology heat protector spray Pinit

Hair damage from heat or chemical is quite normal. And this why we have heat protectants on the list of hair style products.

  • Sunsil Keratinology heat protector spray
  • L’Oreal Tec-ni-art iron finish (for use with flat irons)

4. Hair Spray For curly hair:

Toni & Guy beach Curl Spray Pinit

  • Loreal Professional Tecni Art Hair Mix Spiral Splendour Nutri Control Cream For Dry Curly Hair
  • Toni & Guy beach Curl Spray

5. Finishing mist:

John Frieda Frizz Ease Glossing Mis Pinit

  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Glossing Mist – 100% shine
  • Paul Mitchell Extra Body Finishing Spray

6. SerumOil:

These are used to add moister and sheen both on wet and dry hair, either before or after blow drying. However, they must be used sparingly on thin and fine hair as oils and serums make will make such hair look thinner and greasy. A dime sized amount should be applied initially. If required you can use more.

Oils and serums Pinit

  • Streax Perfect Shine Hair Serum
  • Matrix Biolage Smoothing Hair Serum

7. Gel:

It is one of the strongest hair styling products and widely used too. It works best on short hair styles and gives you a classy and chic look without much fuss. Just take a quarter sized amount of the product on your palm and work it up on your hair evenly.

Hair styling products Pinit

  • Park Avenue Chrome Styling Gel
  • Schwarzkopf Super Soft Maximum Hold Hair Spray

8. Pomade:

pomade Pinit

It allows more movement to the hair even as it holds the hair style. It can be used on both short hairstyles-to give more definition and even on longer ones-to provide texture. Other styling products with wax also give a strong hold and come in glossy and matte formula. Tiny amount of these products worked up from tips to roots are just sufficient.

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9. Styling Cream:

Hair Styling Cream Pinit

It can be applied to dry or wet hair and gives light as well as rigid hold. It is however more lightweight as compared to pomade. You can do a bit of experimentation to know the consistency that will suit you.

What are your favourite hair styling products?


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