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Gorgeous Updos for Short Hair

There’s never been a better time to go for a short haircut. Short hair is trendy and easy to style, but there’s one drawback that can stop people from going short—some are too short to put up. If that’s the only thing stopping you from doing a big chop, here are the best updos to ease your mind. With these easy updos, you don’t have to worry about missing that ponytail. Whether you need a dressy updo for a wedding or holiday party, or you just need assurance that you can still rock an easy ponytail during the day, these are the best updo hairstyles for short hair. If you thought updos for short hair didn’t exist, we’re here to show you they do—and they’re beautiful. Because short hair doesn’t require as much time to put up, these updos for short hair are even easier than they would be on long hair. These updos for short hair prove you don’t need long strands for a stunning updo.


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