Styling Hair For A Job Interview

Styling Hair For A Job Interview October 11, 2017

When I started writing this article, the first thing that jumped up in my head was a line from the movie Working Girl, where the heroine chops off her long hair, her excuse being, “If you want to be taken seriously, you need serious hair.” This line cannot be more true!

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When you want to work in a corporate environment, especially in places like banks and firms, you want to look the best you can and feel confident. At the same time you want to be taken seriously. Your appearance can make or break a job interview.

There are certain things that consciously and subconsciously affect the interviewer’s judgment of you and your hair is right there on the top of the list.

So how to hair style for job interview? Here are a few tips and a few perfect hairstyles for interviews.

Hairstyles for Interview – Style your hair the best!

Clean Hair

This goes without saying, no matter what style you pick, make sure your hair is clean and non-greasy. Make sure it is well conditioned and looks sleek and manageable.


Forget about bright pink and blue, keep your hair colour natural, you don’t want glaring highlights or unnatural blonde in your hair, the more natural your hair looks, the more seriously you will be taken. Get flattering lowlights or subtle highlights at the most but no more.

Efficient Hair

Your hair should look as efficient as you. Short or long, you shouldn’t be pushing it back all the time or fiddling with it. It should look low maintenance; you want to show that you are more likely to work on a spreadsheet than on your hair. Giving the appearance that you don’t take time to do your hair but it still looks good is the look you want.

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Straight vs. Curly

You have interview hairstyles for women with long hair too. Not to stress! Straight hair gives the appearance of being more efficient and serious. While curly hair is a more carefree look that may not be the best for a job interview. BUT if you can control your curls well, there is nothing like it. As long as they are not frizzy, you’re good.

Bangs And Partings

Soft side swept bangs are actually great for an interview, they draw the eyes right to your face and that is important for being noticed. A side parting is less distracting than a center parting and also appears less harsh visually.

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Image: Getty

Most hairstyles for interview as long as they aren’t offensive are good. Chignons, low ponytails, blunt and pixie cuts or a simple bun, all give the impression that you give less time for maintenance, efficient and love work more than doing your hair. And that really is what you need. Just don’t turn up with a Mohawk and you’re good.

Last but not the least,  wear such a hairstyle for job interview that you can easily maintain. Also, don’t put on a simple up style as your hair may prone to fall off before half day. The interviewer will be impressed if the interviewee seems to spend less time tinkering her hair and who is able to appear ready and confident.


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