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The Best Hairstyles to Pair with Bangs

Bangs are having a major moment, and we’re loving it. If you’re ready to make the chop and get bangs, you might wonder what the best hairstyles will be for your hair length and texture. We found the best cuts for long, short, and medium hair lengths to wear with bangs, so we’ve got you covered. And the good news: gals with curly hair can sport bangs too. In fact, hairstyles with curly bangs are spiking in popularity right now, and they look amazing. From shaggy fringe that has boho written all over it to feathery pixie cuts, there are hairstyles with bangs for every length and personal style. Bangs might seem intimidating, but this is the absolute best time to snip them. These are the best hairstyles to pair with bangs for any hair length, so go big at your next salon appointment and get some fringe.


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