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The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Long Faces

Choosing a haircut comes down to more than just following your fancy. Ever heard the joke, “Why the long face?” Did it feel a little too pointed because you do, in fact, happen to have a long face? Luckily, you also happen to have one of the most versatile, easy-to-flatter face shapes in the bunch. Know that bangs are your best friend, framing your face is something akin to magic, and your face shape loves all lengths. The best haircuts for long faces work to balance out your features, no matter the style. 

Long face silhouettes aren’t one-size-fits-all, either. If your face is more similar to square jawlines than round ones, consider yourself an oblong face shape. If it favors an oval face but longer, it’s exactly that—long—but with a softer chin and more curve to the sides than an oblong face. No matter which you fall under, these hairstyles for long faces will be your most flattering yet.


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